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Return - Point and Click Adventure: Gomie v 2015 
 PostThu Mar 10, 2016 4:54 am
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...that's good advice? I do wanna get wet though. TO THE FLOWER GIRL!!
It's gonna be a hands-on kinda tour awwww baby
Ohhhh yeah, somebody's gonna get deflowered
Ooops... sorry.. got a little over-stimulated. Tattle-tale

I played this game with a nightly rather than the enclosed stuff 'cause I never mess with installers. Never know who might put a virus on the gamelist

Return - Point and Click Adventure! I guess this is KyleKrack's shot at that click contest thing that everyone but me got invited to. His description says there's some PG-13 content, which made me think we'd get a little over two thirds of the way to some titties. Did we make it there? No, not really, but it was an admirable effort.

Where everyone else went for puzzles and bullshit, KyleKrack's mouse clicking game kept it real to the RPG. It's an older style of RPG though, a Point and Click style. You're playing a role alright, but that role doesn't involve killing a billion slimes and levelling up and that shit. It involves thinking logically to solve this dude's problems. In this particular game, your dude is a guy whose girlfriend has been turned into a frog by a wizard. This is very daring on the author's part, twisting the traditional Frog Prince trope on its gender axis and allowing the male character a chance to be a hero to what I would term a "damsel in distress". True love's kiss won't save this frog though.. you're going to have to chase down a wizard to fix THIS curse!

Unfortunately it's a pretty short race and fraught with scripting errors. I'm 99% sure the save game button didn't do anything, I thought I rendered the game unwinnable and asked in IRC and got advice... but that made the game even more unwinnable than before. Tried to load my game to try a new theory and had to start over because it didn't actually work and this whole process only took about 20 minutes.

Basically, it's my own fault for not reading the game description. I wasn't expecting to reach the end of demo so fast, especially not without any kind of warning. The game got interesting (I gained the ability to turn into a mouse, with the promise of future transformations... "Fuck it, let's just be frogs together" would be a super romantic ending even if it is a little NathanKarr for my tastes) and it was over without even a note. It's a cocktease, and the worst kind of cocktease 'cause I really wanted to bang this ho!

The "Deja Vu" kind of interface is programmed pretty nicely, though it's a little hard to tell what items will provoke a reaction when clicked and you can leave a building while you're talking to a guy. Being in mouse form doesn't make the NPCs react to you differently, which shoulda been my first clue that I was playing a demo but.. somehow I soldiered on? Items in your inventory don't actually work and where there's no labelling on anything it's hard to tell what you're doing, especially with regards to movement. The mouse changes to an arrow when you can move somewhere, but the maps are kinda cramped so you're not quite sure where you're gonna end up.

Christ, it even runs at 60 FPS! Spicy fast! You wouldn't 60 FPS makes a difference in a game like this but fuck me runnin that mouse is smooth. The style's just a little bit over textured, maybe. The hero looks like he's either 60 years old or he got a suntan at Hiroshima. There's an option menu and you can change the game's "style" to different colors and that part works nicely.

I don't have a lot to say. This isn't a bad game, it isn't an idiot's attempt at a game. KyleKrack knows how to make a Point and Click adventure, everybody write him down in your journal of OHR Smart People. Now he's gotta learn how to finish one of these things and that's the really hard and scary part. I wouldn't suggest it till it's finished, but it shows some effort and the hard part's already there? I like the concept of turning into animals to solve puzzles, I don't hate the way he draws stuff and the scripting is competent, but it's still more demo than game and that frustrates me.

I realize this review is kinda wobbly and I'm sorry. I'm sure it made sense when I thought it.
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