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2015 in Review: Witch.Rpg 
 PostMon Feb 08, 2016 10:53 pm
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Carmilla Defeat.PNG
Carmilla was quite difficult, to be honest.
Any Witch Is Fine.PNG
The dynamic pinup of Verdi.
Any Title Screen Is Fine.PNG
The title screen set a good impression right off the bat.

Or rather, "Any Excuse for Dressing up is fine". Originally entered in the Halloween contest, this game focuses on the witches Verdi and Wyrd. Verdi is the main driving force behind the plot, and the one who insists on dressing up for Halloween. The two witches go out, beat up monsters, dress up, and face down Carmilla for the *DANGER* Suit for Wyrd.

Graphics: Stylistic with minimal colors, but quite detailed. I enjoy the art style a great deal. Its limited palette does not hinder it at all, and adds a great nice overall aesthetic. The menu pinup of Verdi is absolutely amazing, and it changes with every costume that she equips. Easily my most favorite feature, and shows off Phoenix's female designs.

Music: The music is excellent and very charming. It sets the mood incredibly well, be it from mysterious, relaxing, tense, and even comical at some points. One of my favorite parts is when the final boss Carmilla comments on the unfitting music, and changes it to be more intimidating.

Writing: Wyrd and Verdi are an excellent comedic pairing. I loved the whole Straight Man/Funny Guy dynamic that they had going. The plot was lighthearted and quite funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gameplay: The battle system was reminiscent of Dragon Quest or Earthbound, which was quite enjoyable. The battling was balanced and relatively fair. There is some slight grinding required to survive, but it wasn't drawn out. The skills also see good use, and the bosses provide enough challenge.

Overall, I really enjoy this game. The game is quite short, having only poured half an hour in to it. At some points it feels rushed, for instance the vampire scene. Despite this, I recommend it highly. It's an enjoyable experience, and hey, any excuse for dressing up is fine with me.
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