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"Michael Jackson Dancing" by Gizmog - Gomie vs. 20 
 PostSun Jan 31, 2016 5:37 am
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I'm sure I meant something retarded by this. No idea what, though.
I did these ominous eyes for something else and I don't remember what it was. Their flashy bit is probably my favorite part of the thing.
If you look close at the explosions you can see little spooky faces.

Spoilers: This isn't really Michael Jackson Dancing. Sorry! I just ripped the intro from it to try to create a spooky Halloween switch-a-roo. Probably didn't work because not a lot of people remember the source material these days. I think the "explosions silhouetted by the OHR House Logo" came from yet another attempt to guilt JSH into making another edition, no matter how terrible it might be. Or maybe I was saying the community is dead and this is what an OHR House game would look like now.. I honestly don't remember.

What I do remember was that each skeleton was supposed to have a name, randomly assigned from the 4,000+ usernames on this very forum. And then I remembered that some of those dudes are actually dead and it wasn't a very cool idea.

It's yet another appearance of the Transylvania Girls skeleton and VS2 dude walkabout, another reusing of my Random Collab brick mapset, and I don't know where the hell the wood part came from. Was an appearance by a big red button too (and JSH's remix of TickTock.bam), so you know, there's my quota of stupid bullshit. They look good, but I'm tired of seeing 'em. Time to do something new, actually get better.. not that I didn't rip them AGAIN for damned Fridge Racer.

I solved a problem in this game that stumped me with Who Left All These Clowns In Here?, so I guess I made progress on the scripting front. Would've loved to do something more physical with the skeletons exploding or actually put a game in it rather than.. whatever the fuck I was up to. I'm sure there was some kind of contest deadline. Shouldn't have bothered.

I consider this way less of a game than Who Left All These Clowns In Here, which wasn't very much of a game to start with. Dunno why it's on the list to review and I don't know what three paragraphs anyone else is gonna be able to get out of. Still, that Thriller dancing pyramid at the end is dope.

Go watch the original Michael Jackson Dancing though, that thing rules. And it's STILL got the creepy "Here's Michael" at the front. I didn't make that up!
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