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2015 in Review: Late For Work - A 3 Minute Game 
 PostSat Jan 09, 2016 3:47 am
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Late for Dishes.PNG
This is a review of Late For Work - A 3 Minute Game.

The title doesn't hold back - this is quite literally a 3 minute game, with a timer ticking down in the corner of the screen the moment you exit the first dialogue box. Immediately, my first reaction was to panic and start scrambling about, making it hard for me to focus on the lengthy text boxes that followed. The game opens with you being late for work, and you're at home trying to get ready so you can make it in on time. You must find your belt and your car keys. Rummaging through a pile of clothes and your coat, you scramble to your car. You make it to your workplace, which is a theatre, and meet your boss, who's pretty pleased you showed up (sharply dressed too!).

...And that's it.

Graphics: Not bad at all. The style was fairly clean and simplistic. I also particularly liked the isometric design of the maps and the walls. Other than that, there's nothing much to really comment about. One thing though, the games style could have really benefitted from using 'Walktall' for the walkabout sprites, given the size of the world around them.

Music:: Nonexistant, save for a few sound effects.

Writing: The story is pretty direct. You also get some witty commentary about dirty clothes and the disaster that is the kitchen. The dialogue was long however, and since the timer kept advancing during text boxes, I found myself rushing through the text.

The game was very short, which was kinda disappointing. The "secret room" was also disappointing as well. But hey, it's got an ending, so I give it that. All in all, it's a pretty simple game and is quite straightforward.
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