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REVIEW - 1GAM: January - Discotheque 
 PostFri Jan 01, 2016 9:31 pm
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This is a review of 1GAM: January - Discotheque.

I believe first impressions are hugely important, so I will focus on the first 30 seconds of game play for the first paragraph in all my reviews this year. The title screen is simple, but mostly bad looking. This game opens with a blue/green flashing map, some medium grade sprite graphics, and an above average portrait on the textbox. The music was nice, which it should be for a game that takes place in a disco. The timer at the top of the screen is very interesting and drove me to continue playing to see where things would go.

Maptiles aren't that great. Talking to all the NPC's is a bit boring. They're dialog is mostly nonsense, but the choices some of them have seems like it might lead to some other endings that the game's hype hinted at. Mostly the game seems plain and boring.

Overall, the game seemed jokingly short and boring. I played through a few times searching for some sort of hidden endings. I found one where I guess I get stabbed to death. Kinda funny. I can't imagine an ending that would make up for the game's other down falls. Overall, this game is bad. I wouldn't recommend it.
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