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The War on Christmas 
 PostSun Dec 27, 2015 6:36 pm
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hee ho
this description is incorrect; you can see the stat boosts there
This is a review of The War on Christmas.

Okay, going to go the notes style of review for this, since I'm lazy.

- Very nice intro you have there.

- This game starts off with you picking your four protagonists; of the four I went for [furry, nerd, goth, and hipster], the nerd ended up being the most useful for mowing down random battles and the hipster was the most useful for rendering bosses completely trivial; the furry was nice for her point damage.

- The music... I had to take off my headphones at points. I have to assume this is entirely intentional on fen's part, given the comments of some of the people in town.

- The game's battles are in the thanksgiving quest/no more villains/mr. triangle's adventure vein of having set attacks for each hero. This game feels about as long as a game with such a system should be; any longer, and I feel it'd start to get grating. The attack items you can use were a nice addition, even if I didn't really use them all that often thanks to having 2 damage dealers on the team.

- I appreciate the general color-coding that was going on with the elemental weaknesses; in a game without any reasonable way to point out that sort of stuff, that's a nice thing to have on hand.

- Bit divided on the descriptive text that went along with the attacks. They're funny the first time around, but as with all things humor-related they wear thin after the third or fourth time around. Without completely filling up the attack list with variants, though, I can understand why you didn't put a million in there.

-Could the battles have been faster? Especially in the beginning, sure, but I personally enjoy my battles to be really fast, and that's probably not the same for everyone. Glad that there's some speed-increasing items you can get relatively early on.

- Best enemy: A Puppy. Worst enemy: ...those ornaments? I'm never a fan of that point in games where the enemies go from being killed in one hit to not being killed in one hit, though, so nothing in the workshop really gelled with me.

- The main gimmick/thing that makes this really Christmasy are the presents. The contents on them are quasi-random, depending on your character level, and go from stuff that isn't worth taking out of the box [a singing jesus, used gift cards] to actually useful stuff. It's a nice system, and in the endgame you can just buy extra ones when you run out of ones on the field. Kinda put off by a few of the coarser junk gifts, though I have to assume that's the point.

- There's also several presents related to each hero you have, giving some extra story to each of them. It does add a lot to flesh out all the characters, which is always nice.

- Why does the furry get undies if she's going without any clothes [for a dare], though?

sorta spoilery stuff below:

- Why would you plug bells in?

- Je[eeeee]sus doesn't mow you down with bullets; 0/10. Also it seemed a bit odd that the presents that spawned due to killing him popped up a good bit away from him, instead of right next to him like what happened with all the other bosses.

- The final boss looks really, really impressive. Could have done with either more than just one attack, or less HP; victory was really just a case of having enough gingerbread [is it supposed to also revive heroes?] on hand to heal back up from the damage it was doing. Also a bit lame that it wasn't really damage you could mitigate beyond one unique item, but that's honestly fine.

Final verdict: there's swans and french hens in the town and I really can't speak much ill of a game that includes those. Even if the overall tone is hardly christmasy, it still feels like it's appropriate for the season, somehow, and that's worth commending.
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