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 PostFri Aug 07, 2015 12:00 am
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This is a review of Devs Like Waffles.

I'll keep this review light but cover some serious issues .
The game has upset Belgium. Did I think it would upset the Belgians? Did I picture them as a jolly regime? I acknowledge that I thought the game might cause a stir. We did not think they would love the concept of the game to be totally honest. But more than anything Hamster Republic wanted to make a game that had one foot in reality. Thatís something we as game developers like and think is interesting as gamers as well.
Is it appropriate to make games about real things in the world, and should The Hamster Republic considered changing waffles to something less controversial? I personally think it is appropriate to make games about real things. They thought maybe they could inject some slight relevance. They thought, Whose feelings are we trying to spare by doing that? Belgium? I was fascinated by what was happening in Belgium and did as much research as "humanly possible" before starring in the game. He also tried to make waffles seem as serious as possible.

The game was overall well made and fun. It was a bit difficult and didn't really scale at all. I think some level of difficulty scaling would add a lot of depth tot he game.
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