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Ghost's Towns Video Playthrough and Review 
 PostSun Apr 12, 2015 9:07 pm
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This is a review of Ghost's Towns.

Two nights ago, I plugged in my microphone, fired up my CamStudio recorder, and embarked on an epic quest to give the Wobbler real-time feedback of my impressions of his game, Ghost's Towns. That journey yielded seven consecutive 20-minute videos that explores the fidelity of memory, the joys of recognition, the uncertainties of trial and error, and the pain of terrible puns. And now I will share my experience with you, the community, as a means to get you thinking about what it means to be an unknown in a town full of mysterious folks.

Just kidding. It's not that profound of a commentary. If anything, it does a good job making me look like an idiot.

Please note that the videos contain my entire playthrough, and they spoil every secret I've found (which I believe is most of the secrets in the game--unless Wobbler has sneaked something in deep under the radar), so watch at your own risk. In fact, I'd recommend you watch the video review after you've played the game yourself. Seriously. Play the game first, finish it, then watch. Or play until you get stuck. Whichever comes first.

Also note, I've recorded a post-playthrough video (Part 8) addressing the changes that the Wobbler has made since his original posting and my original playthrough. In it, I talk more about my impressions of the game and the lingering thoughts it had left me with after shutting the game down the night before than I had during the seven-part playthrough. So, even though I give my opinions in snippets throughout the long video and a more detailed opinion at the end of Part 7, I give more of a real-time game review in Part 8, so if you want a playthrough/review with minimal spoilers (minimal, not zero), then check that one out, as it's a bonus part.

You can access the entire video series here:

I realize this is unconventional in the world of written OHR reviews, but I think a video review does a better job getting the message across to both the author and the player, and I think I've made my case pretty solid elsewhere that OHR reviews, given the size and audience of our community, should be every bit as important to the author and his future development of his game(s) as it is to the player. So, I hope to do more of these types of reviews in the future.
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