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2014 In Review: table 
 PostThu Jan 22, 2015 8:42 am
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Mighta been scarier without this too.
This is a review of table.

This won the Halloween contest. That's the scary thing. Of course, no one else actually entered (Also a scary thing!). I guess next year I oughta offer prizes or something. It's an ominous little game, one of those "wander around as things get spookier and spookier" deals. Would've worked better without the little dear diary crap at the start, maybe with a little more normal content before things start to go into crazy town. All about the build up. Save the set-up for the gamelist entry.

The payoff was pretty cool, except it threw a script error which kinda killed the shock value. The villain is kind of an unnerving design. Generally, I get the idea he made this in 5 minutes because he knew no one else was gonna enter. It's not bad for 5 minutes, but it could be way better. Not worth looking at, even for novelty value. I'm not posting screenshots, but don't get curious. Just move along. Lets not encourage this kind of weirdness, not even to win a contest.

Feels like we need a little bit more here, doesn't it? Have some fun facts!

Fun Fact: Johnny Depp was in the original Nightmare On Elm Street in 1984.

Fun Fact #2: Johnny Depp was also in the original 21 Jump Street in 1987.

Fun Fact #3: Johnny Depp reprised one of these roles for the recent remake. Can you guess which one? Post your answers in spoilers, don't ruin it for others.

The answer is:

B) He reprises his role briefly in 21 Jump Street. Hilarious! I think they wanted to get him to do a thing for New Nightmare, but they were afraid to ask and when they talked to him about it after the fact he was like "Oh dude, I totally would have!" and everyone was kinda bummed. Bummer Fact.
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