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Gramfeldcat Goes to the Moon 
 PostMon Jan 05, 2015 1:55 am
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Uh huh.
This is a review of Gramfeldcat Goes to the Moon.

Joke games are a longstanding tradition of most any development community. High effort engines, low effort engines, doesn't matter. There are joke games that try to make the player laugh, and there are joke games made for the author to laugh. There are joke games where the game mechanics being bad is the joke, there are joke games where the jokes are just part of the content.

Commercial joke games have been around long before even the Internet too. Look carefully and you'll find there were a few rare commercial products marketing deliberately bad games as a joke. Only recently has the trend begun to surface in the mainstream again, largely due to indies becoming a market force once again. More diversity leads to more blokes trying to make a buck on the comedy angle.

This game is one of the joke games designed to make the author laugh. When you play this game you will see two kids having a sleep over and laughing about how funny it is to put Mr. T in their game. It might bring you back to game making sleep overs you once had. Like most sleep over games, they lose interest in it before finishing it.
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