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2014 In Review: T4R4D1DDL3 - Taradiddle? WTF 
 PostSat Jan 03, 2015 12:29 pm
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Though I can't imagine hell being much.. whoa, 1989! Almost messed it up there! Seriously though, I hate it when everyone's first guess is "They're in hell!" What do they think this is, the Twilight Zone?
Six kinds of underwer! Leggings on your head! Why, oh why didn't I take that blue pill (1999)? Who knows?!
Food, gluttony. Mirrors, vanity. The seven deadly sins? Who knows?!
Wandered in the flower bed and ended up here. Is it a bug? Who knows?!
It's a super stylish game. Is that why there's so many clothes? Who knows?!
This is a review of T4R4D1DDL3.

I have no idea what superawesomeric was going for. Even the title of this one is mysterious. The graphics and music are beautiful, it's really quite an experience. It's worth taking a look at just for curiosity's sake, I hate to compare it to drugs, but LSD Simulator is the most fitting description. You wander around the most beautiful surroundings, where people say things that would get a lot of likes on twitter and pick up clothes.

In one respect, I feel like the author is trying to say they don't understand fashion, they're profoundly troubled by their experience in life. Looking in the mirror is a recurring theme, as is being watched by others. There's at least 6 items named skirt, each with a different description and different stats... but they're all skirts on the inside! Is that what the author is trying to say?

Do you have to dress a certain way to reach your goal? Is the world a beautiful place full of morons? Is this supposed to be weirdly profound or profoundly weird? I was in a loop for about 25 minutes before I gave up. No idea if there's any winning or losing to be done and I can't say that I like it per se, but it's worth taking a look at. The art definitely took a lot of effort and the soundtrack is energetic and keeps the game tolerable for longer than it would otherwise be. Curious what anyone else is gonna discover about this one.
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