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Review: Batman & Robin 
 PostTue Dec 30, 2014 4:47 am
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This is a review of Batman & Robin.

The Good
This is game is complete. In fact, it's more than complete, it's received what you could be considered an expansion. To add to that, this game has a lot of pretty decent scripting nuggets. There's also the dialog and general storyline. Both play out as if this were an actual batman game. This game reminds me of some of the old nes games that are based off of TV shows or movies.

The Bad
The biggest flaw and yet the biggest thing going for this game are that it's a fan game. The game sort of lives and dies off of the fact that it's based off of batman. There are also some clunky parts to the game. Not being able to skip the intro. Not having any starting abilities. The various levels can be a bit repetitive.

The Conclusion
Batman & Robin is one of the most popular OHR games ever. This isn't just because it's based off of a popular franchise, but also because it's got some good content and decent quality material. This is an overall good game and would recommend it to any Batman fans out there.
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