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Troll Over 
 PostThu Dec 18, 2014 6:16 am
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This is a review of Troll Over.

This a review for Troll Over

I'm reviewing this game as part of the Heart of the OHR competition.
Time to complete: 1hr 20
Score: 8/10


Troll Over was fun to play and I think that's the most important thing about it. There is a wide range of enemies to battle, some smaller in game puzzles and some really great and very unique characters, each with set abilities.


The game's graphics are very consistent, which means you can absorb the world your playing in. I like the soft edges and corners, for a game set in a woodland/forest backdrop it stays true to this and feels very organic. There is nice detail on hollowed out logs you can run through and so on. Personally, I liked it.

Enemies and Battles

The game has a random battle encounter feature built into it on most map pages. The encounter rate can be quite high at times, but the range of enemies you fight is very diverse so it doesn't feel repetative.

There are also NPC's that in the earlier stages you may feel like avoiding, and later you can battle, it's fun either way, but dodging the ghosts NPC's that switch location every few steps was one of my favourite parts.


Hmm, The sort felt a little interchangeable. Did I believe in the characters motives? Perhaps a touch/smidgen more dialogue may have helped the story really come to life.

There is a lot of humour in the game which doesn't feel forced at all and at times is quite hilarious, you'll know this if you play till the end (both times.) More of this during the game would be a welcomed addition.


Where the game really shines is it's little in-game quirks. The party resting, the good use of NPC's the puzzles and light up stones. You seamlessly shift from one screen to another and nearly every time onto something completely new.


I gave the game an 8/10, because I enjoyed playing it. As I mentioned before in the story section, a little more dialogue would be fantastic but it would also help give the game little more direction, which was the only thing I think it sometimes lacked.


Troll Over is well worth a play and with a self contained plot in under an hour and a half, you really have no excuse not to.

Get playing!
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