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Cat In Box: Tight Pussy

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 6:06 am
by Gizmog
This is my favorite Spoonweaver joke game. The concept is absurd and innocent, good clean fun. You're a cat who wants to get into a box, anyone who has been on the internet knows this is a situation most common to cats. Not all boxes are alike, though. How will you deal with the differences?

There's three modes of play, Story (which also serves as the tutorial), Timed Mode and Endless Play. You select them from a very stylish main menu, which is something Spoonweaver always gets right. The graphics are simple, but stylized somehow. It feels like one of those old educational games. If there'd been an epidemic of kids getting trapped in boxes back in the late 80's, I probably would've played something identical to this in grade school. There isn't any music per se, though there's this doodly saxophone riff that plays when you choose an option or complete a level and that's good enough for this game, I think.

You're not gonna get hours of fun out of it, the Timed and Endless modes are basically jokes, but it's worth downloading just to take a look at and get a giggle or two.