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Oww! My Questicles! 
 PostSun May 11, 2014 8:48 am
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Dead Center. My reactions are keen.
This is a review of Questicle.

Just like Double Pumping, this game was made for a contest that encouraged simplicity. It must've been a great contest because just like Double Pumping this game brings a lot of polish and script work to its seemingly simple package.

The premise is... simple. It's a timing game, like Megaton Punch if you remember Kirby Superstar. Hit spacebar and try to time it so your circle is exactly on top of the target circle. Direct hits will cause your opponent to miss their attack and do more damage, while close enough will still do some damage. Miss the circle entirely and you REALLY get hit, possibly instantly killed. It only happened to me once... ON MY THIRD PLAYTHROUGH. Not much of a difficulty factor to this one. The bar does get faster as you defeat each enemy, a rogues gallery that gets progressively meaner with each victory (Just like that Showdown minigame in Kirby. I gotta quit comparing this game to other stuff).

Not a whole lot to say, really. You don't need a second player which is nice, but you can get through the game in about 3 minutes and it just doesn't captivate. A high score mighta made it more interesting, but would've killed the simplicity. That's the only bummer about this kind of contest, once it's over you're left with a game that's arbitrarily not as good as it could be. And no one ever does a once-over and removes the contest restrictions. It's really polished for what it is, but... ehhh. Wait till Spoony puts it on Ouya or somethin, I don't know. Maybe it'll be better with a controller.
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