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The Best Named Game Ever: Double Pumping 
 PostSat May 10, 2014 6:41 am
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Not pictured: The thrill of battle!
This is a review of Double Pumping.

This was for the Littlest Game Contest, so by definition it is a very simple beast. One player hits the Letter Z, the other one hits the Letter M, and whoever fills their bar first wins. I must complain that you have to read the readme to know what buttons to press, put that shit in the game somewhere, yo! Player Z and Player M instead of P1 and P2 would be enough.

I played it competitively with my brother and it's kind of fun, works in that department. Draws are possible, so points for that. There should've been seperate sound effects for Player 1 and 2 so they could overlap, make it a little noisier during competition.

It's a super small game, and if you don't have anyone to play with it's gonna be totally pointless. It's kind of weird that the game ends when a player has 78 points, rather than a nice round 80, but whatever. It does what the contest asked of it, and does it in a pretty slick way. I didn't vote it very high in the contest, but I was impressed. Kudos!
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