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Back To Basics Collection Review 
 PostFri May 09, 2014 6:29 pm
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I actually had great admiration for the idea of this, which was Chronoboy limiting himself to not using plotscripts to focus on game design. Great concept! The lesson in this I guess it that finishing any game, especially a lengthier story based one, is difficult no matter what tools you use.

There isn't a lot of game here, and what little there is, he mostly gets wrong. The graphics, while ripped from different sources, are serviceable enough, but the gameplay fails to capture what made these simpler retro games enjoyable. I went back and played Dragon Warrior about a year ago, and while it's not my cup of tea, I had an appreciation for the progression.

The combat in Dragon Warrior wasn't fantastic, but as you walked further on the world map, you leveled up, which gave you skills that helped cope with the new enemies you encountered. The skill progression I thought was quite well done. But there is none of that here. You get a sword that does barely any more damage then your fists, and then find out you could have just stuck with your fists anyways. I leveled up a few times and never gained any skills, but that didn't matter because there were barely any enemies.

There seems to be some villages with sidequests, and there are definitely some interactions that gave the villages personality, and there are a couple of secrets, but really I think these things should have been fleshed out after the basic game was done. Just my 2 cents. I would recommend not wasting your time here.
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