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Quick Glance Review: Ramble Planet 
 PostThu Feb 20, 2014 5:53 am
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This is a review of Ramble Planet.

So, I'm decided I'd give this thing a whirl and basically report back what I found. I don't plan to play it enough for a full on review, but I figured this would still be the best way to post this since there's no main thread for this game I can find.

Anyways, at first glance the game's graphics are old looking. This game looks like it might actually qualify to be on an old Atari. Viewing the screenshots, now I'm expecting deep and thoughtful game play to be coupled with these graphics. It's hard to really get an idea of what kind of game this is going to be. However, I instantly get the feeling of this being some sort of unknown world in every way. I like the mystery of this game and the urge to discover new things that's already building of me.

Starting up the game, I'm greeted with the standard title screen mechanic and the title screen I've seen on the site. The music is definitely starting to set a mood and I'm off. The game begins to tellt he story of a swarm of microbots on a mission to repair a merchant ship. They have to find this ship on, Badmark the Rumble Planet! I start out having to transverse the ship to pick a crewmate to control. Basically a character picking scene. Not really knowing any of the different character's values or strengths past a brief description I choose the first one, Holdbot, and venture forth.
At first, I wandered around the world expecting a random encounter of some sort, but nothing came. I begin to wander around the world looking at all the different things there are to see. I ride a ship, I read signs, use teleporters. I generally get lost and yet continue on, searching. I suppose I'm searching for parts, but honestly I'm just searching for things to do. Every little npc seems to have it's own little thing going on. I walk up to a mean looking fellow. The game tells me this is a level 9 Gaindone and that I would likely die if I tried to fight it. I recommends I go and gain more levels before trying. Well not recommends as much as forces. So I start looking around for something low enough level for me to kill, and I find a hardpack who seems to be minding it's own business. The fool!
After slaughting the defenseless creature I find others and do the same. I'm still no where near the 9 levels it would take to try and fight the Gaindone creature, so I move away from the area.
I find my way underground and I'm suddenly presented with what seems to be a whole new world under the one I had previously been exploring. I slide down oil slicks and eat strange mushrooms. Afterwards I wander around in a daze of spooky messages implying I have lost my mind.
After only a short while, I can already tell this is going to be a vast game. This game focuses on exploration and rewards the player for exploring in any way it can. This doesn't seem to be a difficult game, in fact it seems to strive to be easy. However, I can see where one might get frustrated down the line, looking for that one particular wiggly guy that was looking for the grapes after at long last finding where they were hidden.
My final thoughts on the game are that it's fun but a bit too lengthy for me at the moment. I've been playing for about half an hour and I don't think I've seen a fraction of what this game has to offer. This game will likely require a large amount of time to complete, and an even larger amount to see everything there is to see. To those of you up to the task, I salute your dedication.

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