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Another Amazing Spoonweaver Review:This time it's Ar-puh-guh 
 PostSat Sep 21, 2013 7:57 am
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This is a review of AR-PUH-GUH! (version1.3beta).

So this game seems pretty ridiculous. I'm glad to see Meowskivich took my advise and posted some screenshots of the game on the game's download page. The game's title screen looks both silly and low quality and basically turned me off of the game till now. Having some other pics kinda of helps take attention away from the title screen.

Anyways, starting up the game I'm greeted by a character selection scene of sorts. It's done in a fairly interesting way. Then we're taken to some sort of town-ish gathering in a cave or something and I guess you're suppose to just start killing monsters. I played as a number of the different "classes?" and found they were all pretty similar. Some of them actually seemed broken. The berserker's abilities are FF1 styled but you're meant to be able to restore them with his rest ability which doesn't work. So you're left with having to rest him after every battle.

The battles are all pretty bland, or even annoying. I've never been a fan of these grinding games. Grinding is suppose to be a means to an end, not the entire game. Basically, the gameplay is bad. The graphics are pretty sub-par too. The music is ok, but nothing to really praise either. Seeing as how it increases the gamefile by about 50 times, I'd say it wasn't worth it.

The colorful characters and silly dialog are a bit engaging. The game is fairly light hearted. There's good times to be had here, but you have to really want to have them. You have to work hard for them.

Overall, I think the game is a solid attempt at a game.
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