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2012 In Review 036 - Reign of Grelok 
 PostSat Sep 21, 2013 4:57 am
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This is a great addition OHR Games could learn a lot from.
He's always so laid-back and goofy looking. I imagine his voice sounds like Rick Moranis.
I kinda like this look.
When you leave the blacksmith after forging the sword, he still does the "Get out before I forge your head" routine, and the roof stays torn off his house.
This is part of the maze in the last dungeon. Was not a fan of it.
It's that kind of game.
This is a review of Reign Of Grelok.


Only thing I know about this one is that we had a big argument in IRC as to whether or not it was a reference to Reign of Grelok, a stupid minigame in the basement of a computer lab in Fallout 3, or Grelod the Kind, an NPC in Skyrim. Apparently Bethesda likes the name. I really hope it's not a straight port of the text adventure from Fallout 3. That would be kind of silly.


Slow battles, what else is new

Custom discussion system is cool but the grammar is atrocious.

The little dimples in the grass overlap the hero... kinda weird

You can get infinite bottles of holy water, fight infinite zombies...

Where'd he rip the zombie groan from, I wonder. I've heard it before

Not being able to save is makin me very paranoid

Ain't nothin fun about a god damn maze

Seriously, if I die and have to repeat this mess, I'm gonna be pissed


I beat the game, what I believe is the good ending. I had apparently only seen 40% of the dialogue but I feel like I saw enough. The maps are super, awkwardly big ESPECIALLY the final maze area. The battles get a little better as you level up, but there's no deep strategy involved, just keep your finger on the button. Or run away, it doesn't matter most of the time. There's a lot of work put into making things kind of puzzlier or storier, but the rampant typos kind of kill it.

The maptiles aren't too bad. Walkabouts are also okay. The portraits are kinda goofy, but in an endearing way. I liked the Swamp enemies about the best of any of them, but the others were still decent. He does this kind of cool effect, when you enter a map, it shows you a first person view of the horizon. It's neat the first few times, but you can't skip it and it happens EVERY TIME you go through a door so it starts to grate after a little bit. Where I went for the good ending I didn't get to see Grelok in all his glory, so no idea what that looks like and the game was way too long to make me want to play again to see the other endings.

It could be a good game, it wants to be a good game, but the typos and super-sized maps make Reign of Grelok outstay its welcome. If you could save and then check out the differnt endings it'd also be cool, and sometimes it's really really hard to tell where you're meant to enter a building. As for a recommendation, it's one of those coin-flip kind of deals. I wouldn't personally recommend it, didn't have a lot of fun with it, but someone who came in with the right mindset might? There's a lot of stuff here for the author to build upon, lessons he can carry to his next project so I don't want him to feel bad, but it's just not paced in a way that I can enjoy.
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