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Metal King Slime
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2012 In Review 033 - Kinvesard 
 PostFri Sep 20, 2013 11:26 am
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Nice piece of work
This is a cool mechanic.. but the walkabouts look kinda goofy.
It's that kind of game.


I had been thinking this was another loooooooong ass Spoony RPG, but according to the description it is "pretty unfinished" and features "one very short dungeon", so I'm liking the sounds of that. Better to leave 'em wanting more. I also understand there's some kind of customization system involved, and I really like the sounds of that.


Semi-3D Look is cool. Also liked the healer getting the whole party a +1 to defense.

Rogue disarmed a trap, bitchin


Well, I'm wanting more. What's here is a very nice demo, but it doesn't take hardly any time at all to win. I knew that going in, so it's a testament to the games goodness that I still feel disappointed about it.

You choose your party, from a list of races then a list of classes. It'd be nice if you could back out of the class select screen to choose a different race. My party was two fighter,s a rogue and a healer and it worked out pretty nicely. Didn't have to change my strategy through any of the battles, that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Were some standard RPG tropes, monsters hiding in boxes, switches to be flipped, doors to be unlocked. Roaches to fight, slimes to fight, spiders to fight, bats to fight. No real surprises to be had. No real story to be had. I wouldn't recommend it at this point in time, unless you really want to see a custom party system. It's just too short of a demo to satisfy your hunger. It'll be great when it's finished.
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