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2012 In Review 016 - Final Dragon Legacy 
 PostFri Sep 13, 2013 6:53 am
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Nidhoggur? Is that supposed to be racist?
...seems like it.
That's good advice.
It's not this kind of a game... unfortunately.
This is a review of Final Dragon Legacy.


I definitely already reviewed this one last year, for this very same contest. I remember the intro was kind of sharp and then the game itself got overly difficult and frustrating. They say there's a new intro, some other stuff, some kind of a HOTOHR 2012 cleanup so whatever! I guess here I go again.


Intro seems identical so far.

Don't like that I have to go through two menu items to get to my equipment instead of one. Don't add steps to things, even if it is a nice custom menu!

16 seconds is way too long to wait for your turn

And what kind of an asshole makes you fight in a dungeon a million miles away from the nearest inn/save point?

High note in this town theme hurts my ears

...and died to the first boss after many agonizing minutes.


I forget if this is lesson #1 or Lesson #2, but seriously don't ever make your hero this slow, dude! Especially when he's the only one. Especially when there's three enemies in almost every formation and it takes two hits to knock some of 'em out. It might not sound like much, but spending a minute to two minutes in a random encounter is an absurd amount of time! Especially when you're just sitting there WAITING and leeching health off a couple points at a time. I'm curious to see where your game goes, but not THAT curious. And if you have to falsely inflate a guys playing time by making hi mmove so fuckin slow, then maybe there's not that great of a game behind the rest of it. And that makes me mad, because this has a very good 8-bit aesthetic, some cool custom menu work (Though as I mentioned, adding an extra step to get to Equipment is just busy work) and enemy design, but because you decided the battles needed to be like watching turtles fuck.

The battles in the intro were GREAT! Yes, I realize those were super-powered heroes duking it out in the final dungeon of their own quest, but if you pumped those enemies up a little that would be the ideal level of speed for these battles! I even dig the idea of getting to play the legendary hero for a little bit before switching to another protagonist but my GOD the way you do it here is so frustrating. It makes me not care what happens to Hero, who definitely deserves a better name than that! And I'm curious what happened to him and how Friedrich and Loki tie into the whole thing. I'm even kinda curious how that one dipshit locked himself in his own shop!

I'll never know though, because the game is too slow. If you're a patient person you might like the game. Just watch out that it doesn't crash when it loops a midi or and waste all your damn time. And remember that you can only save in town, at an inn! So you have to walk allllllll the way from town to the dungeon and then alllll the way back to heal and save. A brutal round trip! So, if you're into the whole S&M scene but you can't find someone to help you with your own private version of Fifty Shades of Gray, feel free to let Final Dragon Legacy punch you in the dick. It's not a joke game, it's not a bad game, it's just made a few mistakes that I can't forgive it for, okay?

And a bonus rant:

Do you know why games let you escape from battle even when it's not your turn? Because if the situation is dire you need to leave NOW. Not after the enemy gets a few more chances to kill you. If you had enough time to wait till your turn, you'd have enough time to heal yourself or to win the damn fight. If I have 7 HP, I don't want any part of any battle. I want to run, and I want to run IMMEDIATELY. I do not want to wait 15 seconds for my turn to hit flee, a few more seconds for it to pop up "You try to flee!" and then a few more seconds before it decides whether or not I was succesful. That gives the enemy way too many times to kill me, and since I'm going to be starting over from an inn in town, that is a HELL of a lot of progress to lose. An entire dungeons worth, in fact!

Holding down the escape key to run does let people skip battles: That's unavoidable. However, is it such a bad thing for someone to want to escape your battles? It means they want to live to see more of your game! It also means they're going to be even less prepared later on for the boss, so running away from every battle is only hurting themselves. And if you have to do something drastic like a "FLEE" option to keep people from running away from your battles frivolously, what does that say to you about the quality of your battles?

If the hero moved faster, there wouldn't be as big of a risk in trying to run. As it is, there are absolutely 0 situations in which it is favorable to run vs. trying to heal, or trying to finish off the enemy before he finishes you. The only situation I ran into where I didn't have a reasonable chance to finish off the enemy was the boss, and fun fact: I bet I couldn't run away from him anyway! I hope you will consider this if you choose to update it for the 2014 Heart of the OHR Contest!
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