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2012 In Review 012 - The Actors Daughter 
 PostThu Sep 12, 2013 11:18 am
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That's good advice.
Kind of a let-down! Still, rather sporting of her, don't you think?
Just like in the title!


I remember this was an entry to the impromptu 48 Hour Contest we had in IRC. It was kind of interesting as I recall, but a bit on the hard side. I think the graphics were good? What the hell ever happened to Pheonix anyway? Seemed like a cool guy. Kinda hoping its easier than I remember.


Graphics are really nice.

Possibly the only game where the hero graphic is smaller than the walkabout?

Music is GREAT

Not sure this stance shit in the battles is working.

Battles starting to get obnoxiously long.


Oooooooh lordy. That was possibly the RPGiest 48 Hour entry EVER. Graphics were fantastic, hell of a lot of grinding, regrettably not much in the way of strategy. Mostly you grind EXP and as a side effect get enough money to afford 50 or 60 potions and then you're in the clear. I also spammed the Ice technique, everything else seemed underpowered. Like I mentioned above, there's a "STRONG HIT" vs. "AGILITY" stance system but both ways seemed to just slow my turn bar way down so I never bothered with it. Hardly any story at all, you just wander around from place to place till you find somewhere that isn't blocked off.

My playtime was 30 minutes, but it felt much longer. It really is a well presented game, like for 48 hours you just never would believe someone could put something like this together, but it really does start to feel like a chore. Lots of backtracking, lots of mazes, there's an item that apparently got deleted at the last minute but he left it in the shop so you can buy " " for 0 gp. Kinda weird!

I would've loved to see more out of Pheonix, if he had had an entire week to make a game with this kind of vigor, instead of just 48 hours, he probably would be sitting on the list of Top 10 Best OHR RPGs of all time. As it is, still a great demo. Compares favorably to say, Paranoia Star or some of the older classics that came out of contests. I would actually recommend this one. Don't expect a lot of story, feel free to quit if you start to get tired but even though I've said it's a grind every other sentence here, it's really kind of enjoyable too.
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 PostWed Oct 09, 2013 11:33 pm
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I did two of the enemy sprites before the 48-hour contest began, ripped the music from some Japan-only DS RPG, and yes, the stance skills were completely broken. I'm also pretty sure I haven't actually completed any sort of project that was not under a time limit of some sort (and even then I've ended up dropping a few I wasn't really feeling).
[Also the game was completely broken until at least an hour after the contest had officially ended, so technically it took more than 48 hours to make?]
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