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2012 In Review 010 - L'sol Nocturnal No Ingles 
 PostThu Sep 12, 2013 9:29 am
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If you can read this, you don't need glasses.
That's good advice.
When have you ever seen this in a game?

Another one I remember pretty well. Hawk was on a nagging people kick last year. My friend Newbie Power had made this game, L'sol Nocturnal, and then got embarassed by it and took it down. SDHawk thought that was crazy, especially because it was like a contest entry or something and people had already played and reviewed it I think. SDHawk was also mad that JSH had lost one of his earlier games, which made it harder for him to do his continuing retrospective on JSH357. Not sure why the hell No Ingles is in there. If the theme of Pilgrimage was "Finish your game" the theme of this was "Don't lose your game when it's finished". I remember it being somewhat difficult, somewhat time consuming, and I remember Hachi giving a sneak preview of it on a stream from 2011, I think. I also believe Hawk drew all the art with a tablet or a pencil or something, giving it a unique hand drawn look that he'd go onto do again in the movie contest's Triangle. So he was pissing people off back then...


Oh lord. This is as slow as I remember it.

The elemental system was kind of cool.

Back and forth to camp, gathering ingriedients. Lsol Nocturnal was like this too.

Lack of music driving me nuts.

Kind of fun the way equipment allows you to progress farther, in exchange for grinding.

Prety cool little game. You start out rather weak, just scavenging for herbs near your camp. You get just a little bit of help from levelling up, but the real focus of the game is scavenging enough crafting stuff from enemies to upgrade your equipment, which helps you endure more battles per trip from camp, which lets you gather enough herbs to be able to heal yourself and survive the boss fight. It's a simple concept that gets just a little repetitious, but there's a cool elemental system in play that adds just enough spice to keep it from getting stale in the short time you have to deal with it. I was done in 27 minutes.

The lack of music or sound drives me kind of nuts, the plot is minimal, there's no indication you've reached the end AND I would've liked to seen it finished, but for whatever contest he meant it for, it was actually pretty fun and fresh. I don't know that I'd recommend it to anyone, just because of the level of repetition involved and the lack of payoff, but if you're looking for a game to steal battle ideas from this isn't too shabby.

And don't worry about the No Ingles part. He never got around to my part Sad
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