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Review - Alice Falls Asleep 
 PostSat Sep 07, 2013 8:18 am
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This is a review of Alice Falls Asleep.

I thought from the title and the description that this was a joke game, so I was a surprised in a good way to see that it was not a joke game but a nicely done game.

The „Story“
As this game is not an RPG it's story is easily told: Alice falls asleep is about a girl trying to stay awake during class. That's all. This game is not a game you play for long hours time, like a classic rpg following the story.

The Design:
The game mechanics are kept simple.The player has to collect items in the right color and jump over/avoid items of an other color to collect points. Items with the wrong color give negative points. Each level there's a score the player must reach to help alice to stay awake.
The music is still spinning around in my head as well as the clockticking sound while writing this.

There has been teacher really says something during class.I couldn't read it thoug, I was looking at the Alice-sprite jumping over the items and collecting points.
Also the items that the player has to jump over are not just colored blocks but icons like an „ABC“ or a set square.

I liked the theme. It's fun to play for a while.
A nice idea, and the devs seem to have put effort in making the game fun. Thanks!
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