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Review - My Little Gahn 
 PostFri Sep 06, 2013 6:52 pm
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This is a review of My Little Gahn.

Game #2 - My Little Gahn

Charbile delivers yet another acid trip of a game here, this time focusing on the My Little Pony craze and reusing as many Fenrir-Lunaris game graphics as possible. The result is a game that does what it intended, but may not appeal to everyone. It's a joke game of the highest order: one with a lot of effort put in.

This game is about Gahn, the villain of Sword of Jade, going to a boring meeting, attempting to meet Eggie for a date, and... uh, do I have to summarize this? The most impressive section of the game, without a doubt, is the Derpy Hooves space shooter segment. While the controls are slightly clunky, it's still an impressive piece of plot-scripting that is quite playable and fits the goofy, chaotic tone of the game. The game begs to be compared to Sleepover, which may be what hurts it a little for me. Aesthetically, I think Sleepover was a lot more impressive and unsettling, and this feels a little more phoned in as a result. Charbile goes for a Nathan Karr-style surreal atmosphere with lots of brony references.

Of course, as a quick joke game it's worth the play time. If you enjoy Charbile's humor this will make you smile. If you don't, you probably won't get much out of My Little Gahn. As such, I don't know that I can recommend it. You probably already played the game if you were the type of person who would enjoy such a thing.

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