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Let's PLay: DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons 
 PostWed Dec 05, 2012 12:37 am
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This is a review of DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons.

So, to start off I decided to limit the let's play for this game to only 5 episodes. 1 episode is spent basically wandering around in the dark hopeless and scared. Hopefully something in there is useful. Maybe?

Anyways, this game is pretty extensive. Right from the beginning you get a sense of the game having like 50-60+ gaming hours in it. I can't recommend this game to someone looking for a casual experience. That's not to say being complex and long is a bad thing. In fact it's this game's greatest virtue.

The graphics are pretty top notch. There are a couple npcs and the like that seem to have their graphics cut off and seem to be missing parts of their black outline. But overall the graphics are good.

The gameplay is a bit harsh. It's just so hard for the player to live. I know that that's what this game was going for, but it seems worth mentioning that this game takes a lot of determination and gaming hours to complete.

The amount of detail put into the game is astounding. This is kind of repeating what I said about gameplay time, but it goes further than that. The game's not just long because of the length of it's dungeons or the actual walking time it has, but also the dozens of tiny optional things the player can find and interact with.

The game is overall a good game, but I feel like some players might not be fans of this type of harsh gaming experience. 9/10

Let's Play ( sorry I was a little drunk):


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