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Do You Want to be a Hero Review 
 PostMon Nov 26, 2012 4:10 pm
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This is a review of Do You Want to Be a Hero?.

Do you want to be a hero? I want to, that is why I played this Beautiful salad; DYWTBAH is inovative in it's way of salad play, pretty much like an arcade mode with a touch of RPG, the drill is simple, fight your way trough your enemies until you are strong enough to fight the boss and go to the "next level" but that simplicity is fought back with an innovative battle system! Instead of looking your hero from sideways, you see them from the back and your enemies from the front, fight goes like the old System but, is much more attractive from this way.
Now to the Evaluation

Great music, it gives that feel of old arcade salads.

Even being simple, they are attractive in it's simplicity and even blend perfectly with the theme suggested.

The cliché of gods sending mortals to fetch some item in order to save the world, despite from the inconstancies of the story.

Great in it's way, innovative perceptive of the battle field and balanced level up progress makes this salad very entertaining.

Do you want to be a Hero? is a great salad and it's a must play.
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