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Achievements Demo! A special review by the Meow 
 PostTue Nov 06, 2012 6:45 pm
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This is a review of Achievements DEMO.

Okay, going into this, I didn't set my expectations on it being a particularly high, as it's just supposedly a Tech Demo of sorts. And I have to say, the basic idea is okay, and might prove nice for those immediately new to the OHRRPGCE.

But I have a few issues. Partially having to do with menus.

You can pull up the menus but they don't disappear until you manually press esc to close them all. This is something that's easily remedied, so minus points.
Advice: Make choosing a custom menu close the previous menu, or having the back choice close the current menu as it will automatically go back to the most previously opened menu. Or you can make choices close the current menu and the back button re-open the previous menu.

Next issue is achievement menus. Well, a different issue with them.
You have a list of achievements in the basic menu that come lit up when you achieve the things, it's good there, but the Advanced menu? No so much. It will have the name of the achievement in it's own special menu always darkened, along with a a thing that states [DONE] which lights up when...well, done. My advice on this one is making a setting which makes it stay hidden until done.
And further advice that can be taken on any of these menus, giving a description for you to look at to see what you must do.
Example: The basic menu has the items unlit and when achieved light up and will tell you how you accomplished the task OR The basic menu being initially lit up and you can read your list of tasks you must do and when accomplished the task will darken and become unselectable as you no longer need to know what you must do and it signals that it is complete.

But with all this aside, the I find this tech demo to be a rather basic one that could use a tad bit of polishing.
So, being the first tech demo review I'm doing, here's my checklist to see how well the demo got it's point across:

Did it display it's purpose? - Yes, +2 points
Did it do it well? - Sorta, +1 point
Did it run smooth? -Nay, 0 point
Would I recommend it or look to it for a good example? -Mmmmaybe, but most likely not, +1 (because I'm feeling nice)

And on a basis of 8 points, it got 4.
So my final verdict? If you have absolutely no idea how to handle achievements in you salad, then you should at least glance at this, otherwise, I say it's not extremely useful. But hey, like I said, it's at least a TAD useful if you've no idea how to do them. -Meowskivich V

SCORE: 4 out of 8
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