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Review of Dungeonmen: Men of Dungeons 
 PostSat Oct 20, 2012 9:55 pm
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This is a review of DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons.

I really don't know what to say about Dungeonmen. It's a great game for what it is, well made for the most part, the graphics are well done, perhaps simplistic, but good none the less. I got a good hour out of it, but eventually it turned into micromanagement and work. It all comes down to: 'not my kind of game'.

Criticism 1: The 'Blood Sacrifice'
Was it all really necessary? I don't need to see a naked women stabbed to know that the evil cult is evil. You don't have to prove it to me. It is assumed. And if you really want to demonstrate it, at least avoid the cliches.

Criticism 2: Story and Characters
The king sends you off to go fight the 'evil' approaching, Zagon or whatever. Sure the world's at stake, but that won't make me care. To want to save the world I have to at least like the people who are in. Who do we have? King, Princess, villagers, guards.The only ones with names are shopkeepers.
Oh, I forgot there is your little band of adventurers, but how can we relate to them? What to they do? Kill things and open chests. How am I supposed to like anything my party besides their ability to kill and perform a few cool tricks a few times a day.
Yes, I said anything, these are not people, just monster killing robots. That is their only role, and have no personality, whatsoever. Just puppets to play with and nothing more.
Of course if you enjoy that sort of thing, go for it, it just, again, 'not my kind of game.'

Criticism 3: Micromanagement, or How I Learned to Loathe Upgrade Systems
One begins with a handful of gold and nothing else. There seems to be almost no specialization of classes and weapons. You'll likely burn off your gold on gear, and head out. What do you get when you kill monsters, Ore, guess what you do with Ore, upgrade weapons. That's not all, you can also upgrade you helmets, armor, shields, and shoelaces. There seems to be no end. You'll also need to manage the healing items you bring, torches, and remember how many times you're crusader can cast light(is it linked to MP? No!). And it only becomes more necessary as it goes on. If you like it, Yay. Not me thank you.

Criticism 4: Bug
There was one broken sprite script that was a recurring annoyance Whenever an area of effect trap blew up like fireball or poison gas chests, a script error would pop up whenever I moved.

How does it boil down in the end?
- 2 for trying to make me sympathize with the good guys with the blood sacrifice. Humanize the heroes, don't demonize the villains
-3 for the generic unexciting plot that I've seen a dozen times.
-1 penalty for the bug
-3 'not my kind of game'. If you enjoy micromanaging one dimensional monster killing robots, please feel free to ignore this.
+1 for the cut scene for beating level 1, it gave me the little optimism I had for level 2.

Total 12/20 "This is a very good piece of metal craft, however I'm a critic specializing in painting. Try next store for a gallery quote"
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