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Review of Dungeonmen: Men of Dungeons 
 PostSat Sep 29, 2012 2:25 pm
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This is a review of DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons.

Ever come into something, not know what you'll get, and are met something really unexpected in a very unpleasant manner? That's what happened with me and my young friend who I was streaming this to when I decided it was time for me to play this and then subsequently review it.

Welcome to my review, though it may be a little incomplete and jumping the gun in a few categories, it should be pretty accurate to some degree. Let us begin.

The game starts off looking pretty dandy, pretty graphics everywhere, a nice selection of characters will a special ability listed for each one, there was even a pirate! And if that wasn't enough, I could even choose one of four colours for my team members to be individually.

Next comes opening cutscene stuff. We see shadows of evilmen, men of evil doing evil things doing some evil ritual to summon some sort of evil. Here's where I got sorta put off.

They speak of some blood ritual, and I think to myself "I wonder what it's gunna be. Perhaps some chalice full of blood?" and then am answered immediately with a blatant picture of a naked lady....who gets stabbed right afterwards.
Let me just say, I'm the kind of person who has the "high morals" and whatnot, but for the sake of giving the game a second chance (I usually give games just that second chance, if it persists *coughgodofwarcough* I quit it out of disgust).

Alrighty, after our case of slasher porn is over with, we're met with some somewhat amusing dialog of the king and princess telling us about how evil guy has retorned and we must slay his minions to reach him and slay him before he reaches full strength.
Afterwards, I search around the castle and find absolutely nothing of interest, so I lose patience and leave.

Now, the overworld seemed cool when I first saw it but then....I had troubles. The ways in which I can go aren't really all that clear, I felt like I was searching around a maze made of invisible walls, which, of course, didn't exactly show happy on me.

Eventually, after enough fumbling around, I find my way to some sky gardens and start away. I thought the level select idea was kinda nifty (I've honestly wanted to try it out myself a few times, never really got around to it too much).

Here's where things start to go downhill. First up, I was instantly met with a chest, so, naturally, I open it. I get infected some sort of soup affliction that supposedly drains willpower, but as I shortly found out it drains other things as well, thus irritating me. And also, I noticed a few times before, but especially in battle when I got into my first battle that the colour scheme for menus doesn't really work the best, seeing how things that you highlight become unreadable. And speaking of first battle, it was the only battle, as I got raped by a gaggle of beasts.

Not particularly wanting to expose me and my friend to more porn, I decided that it was enough, so here goes my ratings:

Story - Simple, yet refined, it appears. Plus witty dialog gives it a bonus.

Graphics - Rather well done, I must say. Makes my own graphics stand out as being noobish dispite my own improvements, so this gets a nice score of:

Music - No real complaints, but nothing that really knocked me socks off.

Gameplay - where this kinda takes a dive. I understand wanting players to explore for theirselves where to go and whatnot, but you shouldn't have a "oops, looks like you got your head handed to ya! looks like you'll have to do the whole intro alllllllll over agaiiiinnnnn" in this case. You should at least program in lives or something to allow folk to go out to the dangerous environments with little fear, or just make a general "you lose half yo moneh" thing. I'd personally go with the lives, as it does appear you want the challenge in the game.

Penalty - As stated, I don't like dirty images. Yes, this is entirely based on my personal opinions. So is this whole thing.
-1 point

Total: 26/40
Initially impressive, but quickly un-so. - Meowskivich V
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