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Review: Harbinger 6EQUJ5 
 PostSun Mar 18, 2012 1:27 am
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This is a review of Harbinger 6EQUJ5.

This is a weird little game. When you first start it up and trying walking around and stuff you might have no idea what you're suppose to do. After a while you start to noticed slight differences in your surrounds, and you start to see all the little things that might be important. However, even after all that, you might end up needing to read the walkthrough.
This game feature's Willy Elektrix's signature base color style. Like many of his games, what they lack in color these graphics make up in detail. In fact, though there is only a dozen or so map tiles, this game's graphics ooze with a sense for the hard work that went into them.
The game is pretty short though, and once you understand what needs to be done, the whole thing can be completed in a matter of minutes. It's a neat little game, but I think some people might find it more confusing then they bargained for.

I'd recommend this game if you're looking for a quick, challenging puzzle.

SCORE: 3/5
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