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Liquid Metal King Slime
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Review: There is nothing left. 
 PostWed Mar 14, 2012 9:40 pm
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there is nothing.PNG
Despite the game developer's wish to show no screen shots. Here's a screenshot of the game.
This is a review of There is nothing left..

This game paints a portrait of despair. The intentionally blank title screen begins your experiences into the darkness that is this game. The depressing intro continues this, until you finally begin the bulk of the gaming experience this game has to offer.

The graphics in this game are entrancing. I found them both functional and interesting to look at during my experience. However, that's not all this game has to offer.

This game provides an interesting gameplay experience. Using only the attack button, you're still challenged enough in the battle that it creates a fun game that I found myself going back to play more than once.

Overall, this is a fun yet short game. It's only flaw is it's super short length.

I'd recommend giving this game a try.

SCORE: 4/5
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