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Review: Greyscale 
 PostWed Mar 14, 2012 4:07 am
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This is a review of Grayscale.

Yet another Master K game. This one really reminds me of Cardians of Lore. Not just because of the lack of color either. The graphical style and overall plot seems similar. But anyways, This game doesn't seem to suffer from the empty space issue Master K seems to have with games. Not as much anyways.

Although short, I had some fun with this game. I liked where the story seemed to be going and that the lack of color was an actual plot device instead of an amusing way of getting around coloring one's graphics. The graphics in this game were decent. Also, the sound in this game really won me over the moment I heard the birds in the background.

I think this game could become something really cool, if only Master K would pick a game and stick with it. Perhaps we'll see one of his creations in a much bigger scope in the future.

I'd recommend this game if you're interested to see Master K's game making style in action.

Score: 2/5
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