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Review of an interesting game, Alice Falls Asleep 
 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 7:48 pm
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This is a review of Alice Falls Asleep.

I was expecting some weird RPG, but what I got was some weird arcade-type game of some sort.
At least this one has music.
So when I started, I had no clue (or README for that instance) as to what the heck was going on. I quickly figured out up is to jump....for some reason.
And I needed points. And it was seemingly random what points gave what amount. I was not happy, to be honest. But after confusionly stumbling into the next level,
I found that colecting the things that resemble the teacher's lesson was giving me oodles more points continually, and not only that, but I then drew the conclusion that
the color of the room changes depending on what color objects I needed. As you go along the color needed changes during stages, and the shapes fly faster.
I've reached lvl 9 before it was a bit too insane for me to handle without having more time on my hands. Thankfully, losing only sends you back one level.

So, scoring time. out of the four of ty.

Gameplay: Points are docked for no explanation from what I've seen. 8 of 10

Graphics: Pretty decent. 9 of 10

Music: Simple, but effective. 8 of 10

Story: um, alice...falls....asleep? I have no clue. I guess the teacher is ranting. 2 of 10

27 of 40

This game is pretty interesting, and I would say go ahead and play it. Just remember what I told ya about how to play, as there is no indication otherwise. -Meowskivich V
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