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Review o' Ortega Colonies 
 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 7:47 pm
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This is a review of Ortega Colonies.

Okay, I already had no idea what this game was about, but there isn't even a title screen here. But with disappointment on the side,
let's kick this pig.
So, you're some guy (or gal?) named "Jun", or whatever you wish to name it, and you're trying to figure out why some other
colony on this planet full o' crystals hasn't been in contact.
So this little red thing pops into the screen, and I'm like "uh, okay" and then a tiny person emerges, but I thought this was going to be some fancy
"Age of Empires" type game by this point, and so the tiny person, to me, looks like an arrow. So was moving around to look at things, and noticing the stuff
in the top right changing color, and I thought it was just specifics about the land. Then I died. And that's the start of my confusion.

This game isn't a BAD game, but I personally don't favor it, and I don't really wish to continue it right now. What I gotta say to improve this game:
Tutorials or some indication to read the help menu. Heck, a README file would have been nice, and those take but a moment to throw together.

So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Out o' the usual 40:

Story: Honestly, I didn't know what atmosphere I was dealing with at first. Though, once I poked around and found the "history logs", the story intrigued me more.
7 of 10

Graphics: I dig the little creature that resembles a "Shrieker" from Tremors 2, but honestly, the graphics are a little lack-luster in plenty o' parts. And no title/game over screens...yeah
6 of 10

Music: If there was any, I must be deaf. There were a few sounds, and I really don't know what most of them were for.
2 of 10

Gameplay: Once you actually figure out that this is some funny kind of RPG and not a tactical enviromental growth simulator, it gets a little fun and interesting.
Sometimes you gotta gamble with a choice, leave the plant to grow more food, or burn it to restore warmth so as to not freeze to death?
Drink the water or bring it with you? It's pretty cool, when you get down to it. 7 points! Of 10, that is.

And total of 22 o' 40.

Is this worth it? Meh, your choice on that one. Give it a whirl for the heck of it if ye want, but I'd like to see this better developed before I play again. Sure, they had a "week", but
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