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Review o' The Death of Von Stabbingmore 
 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 7:45 pm
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This is a review of The Death of Von Stabbingmore.

Okay, when I first downloaded this game, I was intrigued by the character sprites, and they are rather fancy, I must say.
But I was a little disappointed at first by lack of music, until the sounds.
The mumbled character speech is rather amusing to me, and reminds me of games like banjo-kazooie, where they speak in
various sounds.
And the abilities you get to fend against the duke, rather comical.
And I find the "puzzleness" of it all rather fun as well.

And as for this mini-review for this game, here's what I think on a scale of 40

Graphics: Rather pleasing, 9 of 10

Story: For a length of game as this, rather full. Another 9 of 10

Music: As a great deal of the game is silent, I'ma have to knock off a few points (unfortunatly).
However, because of the decent ending music and the kind of humorous speaking sounds, some points
are still yours. 5 of 10

Gameplay: Enjoyable entirely. 9 of 10

Total: 32 of 40
Worth playing? Definitly. Go do it now! -Meowskivich V
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