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Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 4:23 am
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Alrighty folks, it's that time of the contest where the whole community gets to together to tell the contestants what they thought about their games. The games we'll all be voting on here, are:

RMSephy & Gizmog 's
Alice Falls Asleep

SDHawk & TMC 's
Ortega Colonies

thespazztikone & James Paige 's
The Death of Von Stabbingmore

Spoonweaver & Master K 's
Dreadful Occupant

Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be an entry from the BMR & mjohnson092088 team, and we haven't really heard from them since the beginning of the contest. Guys it would be great to hear what happened, feel free to post here, or on the older thread.

So, some ideas where brought up about voting over on the Heart of the official hamster republic 2: Dinosaurs And Monkey Nazis thread, and so you may be wondering what kind of voting system I'll be using. I'll be using the voting system I brought up in that thread. As the voter, all you need do is list the 4 games in this contest, from best to worst. Each placement will be worth points. 1st being 4, 2nd 3, 3rd 2, and 4th 1. Then I, as the contest holder, will average the scores and the games final placement in the contest will result from those averages. Votes for your own game will be ignored.
(And what I mean when I say ignored is this. Your game will be assumed as your first place vote no matter how you actually place it. However it will not gain the 4 points towards it's average. The other games will simply receive less points from you. In this way the only way it becomes unfair is if the contestants don't all vote. In which case the contestants that don't vote will have the other contestant's votes pushing their game down. So if you are a contestant, you should vote.)

So let's get those votes coming. Voting will end on March 28th. Results will be posted in hamsterspeak along with the fanart prize.
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 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 3:27 pm
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here's what happened: too much ambition, not enough time. in hindsight, i should've gotten started on the plotscripting while waiting for BMR to send me the .rpg file (he was making the graphics. it took him six days, but they look fantastic). so, i guess i'm mostly to blame... but on the plus side, we will continue the project sans contest. it was a pretty cool and unique concept, and if i can get my ideas to work, this should make for a very interesting OHR game.

now i just have to juggle my time between working on FDL, Doom RPG, and this game (currently untitled), and playing minecraft. minecraft usually wins out though...
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 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 6:05 pm
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Here are my votes, in order, along with my thoughts about each game. Before I start, I want to say that this was a really fun contest, and I love all the games that came out of it.

(1) Ortega Colonies

To hear TMC and Hawk talk about this while they were working on it, it sounded as if it was a disaster, and they were continually on the verge of throwing their hands up and quitting-- so I was pleasantly surprised that the result was really cool and unique, and balanced and polished. The gameplay was really challenging, but avoided feeling frustrating even though I died a lot. The ability to save was a godsent, although I suppose that I would be guilty of save-scumming, since this game felt pretty roguelike.

I was initially alarmed that I had to balance four different survival stats, and I was reminded at first of the stats you have to balance when playing The Sims, but that comparison drifted away as I was drawn in to the exploration and the hunting. As I said, this game is very hard, and I have not completely it yet (although I did make it to the final base once, but crowbarless, and too weak to survive)

I have one big wish, if this game is going to get a post-contest release. I desperately wanted the ability to leave behind marks -- whether I could drop hansel-and-gretel style breadcrumbs, or if I had a piece of chalk that would let me scribble notes to myself on the floor. Stumbling around the dark confusing mazes of the bases, I can't count how many times I wished I could mark and arrow or a line on the floor to remind myself
"already explored here" or "campfire that way"

I did encounter two bugs while playing (which is a pretty small count for such a complex game scripted in such a short time). The first bug was that once when I turned off my lamp, I suddenly seemed to jump to a different part of the map. It only happened once, and I don't remember any details other than that I was walking east, and saw a spinning turret, and when I turned off my light, the turret vanished and I was suddenly standing next to a wall that had not been there before. The other bug was one time when I loaded a saved game, my two Crowbars had both been transformed into PowerGuns. After that, I took more careful note of my inventory each time I loaded, and did not notice any (obvious) transmutations.

(2) Death of Duke Von Stabbingmore

If my self-vote counted, this is where I would put it, although it was a close race all around. I was proud of the battle-puzzle, and I am pleased with the way the art style meshed.

I honestly kinda hogged (what I considered to be) the most fun parts of this project, and I hope Sid forgives me for that. Sid "Thespazztikone" Tyler was great to work with.

I also want to mention that I was so happy with the way the "mumble-mumble" text-box sound effects worked out, that I am thinking of doing the same thing for Wandering Hamster.

(3) Dreadful Occupant

I had a lot of fun playing Dreadful Occupant. The ghost startled me quite a few times, and I grew paranoid, frequently hiding way more often than was strictly necessary.

I recorded myself playing it to completion, which took over 30 minutes. Unfortunately the sound was screwed up, and by the end, my dialog is insanely out of sync with the video, so I won't bother to post it to youtube, but if Spoonweaver and Master K want to see it, I will put it somewhere for them.

Dreadful Occupant was a great game, very polished, and the only thing that keeps it from the top of my list is the impressive scope of Ortega Colonies and my own, shameful, shameful self-promotion of Von Stabbingmore.

If I had one wish for a post-contest release of Dreadful Occupant, it would be some kind of simple rhythm-based mini-game whenever you were hiding-- for example, show a heart-beat icon that shows up each time you hide, and you have to tap spacebar when it pulses if you want to remain calm. missing too many beats would cause a panic attack and make you fall out of the hiding place to be ghostmurderkilled. ... however, the game was already really hard, so if you actually did implement that feature, I would probably be kicking myself for suggesting it :)

(4) Alice Falls Asleep

This game is only at the bottom of the list by process of elimination, not because I think it is bad. I really enjoyed it.I played through the first class completely confused, but I made it to the second class out of sheer luck, where I failed utterly and completely, but finally grasped what I was supposed to do.

The gameplay mechanic was deceptively simple. Just skip the colors that don't match the class, right? But my eye was constantly drawn to the funny text that the teacher was babbling, and that made it hard to focus on the daydreams that Alice was trying to hop over.

I got all the way up to grade 10 in my first extended sitting, and I enjoyed it. The increase in difficulty between grades 9 and 10 was so stark that I assume grade 10 was intended to be unbeatable (but if I am wrong about that, let me know)

The game was cute and charming.

I am also very curious to hear the full story about what Sephy and Giz spent the whole beginning of the week working on before they fell back on this idea.

=Final Thoughts=

Great contest, and great job everybody!
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 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 7:43 pm
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Alrighty, I'll be reviewing each of these games, and whatever comes on top of me scores will be my vote for the awesome, I suppose. So hold on to your trousers, first up is The Death of Von Stabbingmore!
Okay, when I first downloaded this game, I was intrigued by the character sprites, and they are rather fancy, I must say.
But I was a little disappointed at first by lack of music, until the sounds.
The mumbled character speech is rather amusing to me, and reminds me of games like banjo-kazooie, where they speak in
various sounds.
And the abilities you get to fend against the duke, rather comical.
And I find the "puzzleness" of it all rather fun as well.

And as for this mini-review for this game, here's what I think on a scale of 40

Graphics: Rather pleasing, 9 of 10

Story: For a length of game as this, rather full. Another 9 of 10

Music: As a great deal of the game is silent, I'ma have to knock off a few points (unfortunatly).
However, because of the decent ending music and the kind of humorous speaking sounds, some points
are still yours. 5 of 10

Gameplay: Enjoyable entirely. 9 of 10

Total: 32 of 40
Worth playing? Definitly. Go do it now! -Meowskivich V
Dreadful Occupant is next up:
I wasn't really entirely sure of what to expect as I pulled up this game, and it intrigued me as I was writing this
by having a title screen that cycled through various things, like story and the game objective. Though the "music was
kind of offensive to my ears, so I had to mute it so I could write this peacfully.
As I played, I quickly learned how to do what you need to do, which is always a good thing.
And though the game lacked "music", the ambient rain was rather suiting.
This was a pretty good "survival horror", for being what it is, and amused me.
Even though I failed many times, I learned from each time and enjoyed discovering little spots that you could hide in.

But down to scoring, out o' 40

Gameplay: Simple, yet effective. 8 out o' 10

Music: As stated, lacking for the most part, and the rest part I'll be generous, 4 of 10

Graphics: I'm going to dock some points due to me not being able to tell the stairs were stairs, and not a fanciful wall.
7 of ten

Story: Not too deep, but who needs a deep story? I dig how it ends though. 8.5 of 10

Total: 27.5 of 40
Not for those with easy-to-scareness and weak hearts.
If you're not paying attention to the heat, it can get ya by surprise. Pretty fun to play, so go do it yourself. -Meowskivich V
And then Ortega Colonies
Okay, I already had no idea what this game was about, but there isn't even a title screen here. But with disappointment on the side,
let's kick this pig.
So, you're some guy (or gal?) named "Jun", or whatever you wish to name it, and you're trying to figure out why some other
colony on this planet full o' crystals hasn't been in contact.
So this little red thing pops into the screen, and I'm like "uh, okay" and then a tiny person emerges, but I thought this was going to be some fancy
"Age of Empires" type game by this point, and so the tiny person, to me, looks like an arrow. So was moving around to look at things, and noticing the stuff
in the top right changing color, and I thought it was just specifics about the land. Then I died. And that's the start of my confusion.

This game isn't a BAD game, but I personally don't favor it, and I don't really wish to continue it right now. What I gotta say to improve this game:
Tutorials or some indication to read the help menu. Heck, a README file would have been nice, and those take but a moment to throw together.

So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Out o' the usual 40:

Story: Honestly, I didn't know what atmosphere I was dealing with at first. Though, once I poked around and found the "history logs", the story intrigued me more.
7 of 10

Graphics: I dig the little creature that resembles a "Shrieker" from Tremors 2, but honestly, the graphics are a little lack-luster in plenty o' parts. And no title/game over screens...yeah
6 of 10

Music: If there was any, I must be deaf. There were a few sounds, and I really don't know what most of them were for.
2 of 10

Gameplay: Once you actually figure out that this is some funny kind of RPG and not a tactical enviromental growth simulator, it gets a little fun and interesting.
Sometimes you gotta gamble with a choice, leave the plant to grow more food, or burn it to restore warmth so as to not freeze to death?
Drink the water or bring it with you? It's pretty cool, when you get down to it. 7 points! Of 10, that is.

And total of 22 o' 40.

Is this worth it? Meh, your choice on that one. Give it a whirl for the heck of it if ye want, but I'd like to see this better developed before I play again. Sure, they had a "week", but
a game is a game. -Meowskivich V
Finally, Alice...falls..asleep? Um...
I was expecting some weird RPG, but what I got was some weird arcade-type game of some sort.
At least this one has music.
So when I started, I had no clue (or README for that instance) as to what the heck was going on. I quickly figured out up is to jump....for some reason.
And I needed points. And it was seemingly random what points gave what amount. I was not happy, to be honest. But after confusionly stumbling into the next level,
I found that colecting the things that resemble the teacher's lesson was giving me oodles more points continually, and not only that, but I then drew the conclusion that
the color of the room changes depending on what color objects I needed. As you go along the color needed changes during stages, and the shapes fly faster.
I've reached lvl 9 before it was a bit too insane for me to handle without having more time on my hands. Thankfully, losing only sends you back one level.

So, scoring time. out of the four of ty.

Gameplay: Points are docked for no explanation from what I've seen. 8 of 10

Graphics: Pretty decent. 9 of 10

Music: Simple, but effective. 8 of 10

Story: um, alice...falls....asleep? I have no clue. I guess the teacher is ranting. 2 of 10

27 of 40

This game is pretty interesting, and I would say go ahead and play it. Just remember what I told ya about how to play, as there is no indication otherwise. -Meowskivich V
And with that, my reviews are done. And let's tally them up:

1st: Death of Von Stabbing more, with 32 points!
2nd: Dreadful Occupant, with 27.5!
5th, er 3rd: Alice falls Asleep, with 27 (close one)
and finally, not first: Ortega Colonies, with 22 points.

That's my unprofessional reviewing with those being chosen in that order by that many points. I would recommend all those games...except for Ortega Colonies, which needs some work imo.
(By the way, I wrote all this in notepad then copied it here, if you're a little confused about the spacing of some things.)
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 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 8:19 pm
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I got lazy and didn't want to make an in-game tutorial, but I'm really glad people were able to figure out how to play just from trial and error. Level 10 is possible, but it is pretty difficult. Smile

As for what we worked on for the week beforehand, I don't want to talk about it. I think that even if we had managed to finish, it wouldn't have been half as fun as Alice Falls Asleep wound up being.
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 PostMon Mar 12, 2012 11:43 pm
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I'm gonna keep this breakdown a little shorter than usual since I'll be doing a review blitz on this contest for HamsterSpeak this month. However, I did want to say how impressed I was with this contest. Even though the numbers seemed small (though, with all the games being made in pairs, the size is deceiving), the quality of games it has produced is well above average. This is easily the hardest contest to rank because each game is so different from the next, and each one does what it's supposed to do so well. So, this vote comes down strictly to personal taste. Not to sound lame, but all of these games are winners in my book. I know that's not how we're voting, though, so here is my feedback:

1. The Ortega Colonies

I was expecting a disaster with all of the comments that TMC and SDHawk were sharing in the blogs, but what I got was surprisingly functional and mostly smooth. The bugs that could've plagued this thing were miraculously suppressed. Overall it grew into something of OHR splendor, with its giant graphics, shiny walls, and random generation of design. It's quite hard, but its replayability is the highest of the contest games, and its seamless integration of features and randomness earns it the top spot. I'm genuinely surprised that this game didn't break down into a steaming mess. So many elements could've gone wrong, and yet these two guys kept it together until the very end. I hear they were even able to give it an ending. Impressive.

2. The Death of Von Stabbingmore

James Paige's usual character charm comes forth in this quasi-animated tale of revenge. If Monkey Island and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? got together to make an animated baby, it might look a little like The Death of Von Stabbingmore. The visuals here are the best in the contest, and the tall sprites work better here than even the ones in the Ortega Colonies. Obviously, the star of the show is the puzzle battle, and I think it handles itself well. Unfortunately, there's also no reason to play a second time, but the first time was memorable. The fact that you can't lose also makes it a simple one to digest.

3. Dreadful Occupant

I have to give Dreadful Occupant third place rather than fourth because it's a treasure hunt kind of game, and I tend to enjoy those more than your standard RPG or arcade game. The wandering ghost was a nice touch for extending the urgency in gameplay, and I thought the random speeds at which the temperature drops really added to the stress of the game. The graphics were forgettable, and a little too dark for my screen, but the prospect of finding my way out of that house kept me driven enough to search the dark spaces anyway. I thought the ending made the journey worth it. I don't generally care about survival horror games, but this one was fun. I think the dialogue kept things whimsical enough to avoid taking itself too seriously, which was a bonus for me.

4. Alice Falls Asleep

This is actually my favorite concept of the batch, and I find it fitting that it came from the minds of Gizmog and RMSephy. I don't think anyone's made a game about sleeping in class in any format before, so I'm glad someone finally thought to do that. And the execution was smartly pulled off. The idea is simple enough, but playing the game gets crazy by level 9, and you almost have to wonder why you keep persisting at it when it's so hard to pass. With those final levels so frustrating that you're likely to bang your head against your desk so hard that you lose consciousness only makes the game more meta, and that's something that I'm sure not even Giz thought about ahead of time. Great game, if not the simplest in design. I love that even the music gives you clues on what's coming next.

Really, all of these games deserve the top spot in any other contest, but amid powerhouses, none of them rightly stand above another, so I'm doing my best to rank with what I have. Great job to everyone who participated. (I think this is the first collaboration contest in which I've bothered to play the games for it. The image of Von Stabbingmore convinced me to try them.)
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 PostTue Mar 13, 2012 1:05 am
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All must OBEY Duke Aaldrick Von Stabbingmore!

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 PostTue Mar 13, 2012 1:33 am
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All must OBEY Duke Aaldrick Von Stabbingmore!

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 PostTue Mar 13, 2012 2:40 am
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As many other people pointed out this is a tough contest to judge since most of the games accomplished what they wanted to do while being well-polished. So it's largely down to personal preference.

1. Stabbingmore

This is an extremely solid little adventure game. The first part acts as a tutorial to the idea, the second part is the true meat of it, and the third tricks you out with thinking about the interface. I'm evaluating it so highly primarily for the humor and second puzzle.

I think the streamers probably hampered their enjoyment a little bit by rushing for the audience's sake. When I sat down and thought out the second part of it, it only took a couple guesses and it was a real old school adventure game kick to do so.

2. Dreadful Occupant

Deciding between this and Alice is really tough. This game's main problem is that the horror component is more annoying than scary after the first couple times. But damned if it isn't very solidly put together little game. I'm giving it the edge because while it was a little annoying, it had more meat and it also didn't kick me in the balls to attempt to beat it..

3. Alice

The humor is great, and it's a really clever twist on rhythm games. That said, the sudden difficulty spike and return-to-previous class penalty sours the whole experience for me. Just to clarify: the vote is REALLY tight between this and Dreadful. I'm half tempted to swap them even as I type this.


Bonus content since people keep asking what the objective of Ortega Colonies is:

But in all seriousness: this is a brutal and somewhat complicated game with minimal instruction, and when we released it I figured we'd get little to no interest (if we even pulled it off) due to the high barrier of entry. So I'm glad to see that there are other people with the patience for this kind of thing, and that makes it sweeter to have made it. Also Jame's idea is totally awesome and we need to find a way to make it happen.
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 PostTue Mar 13, 2012 2:32 pm
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Before I vote, I'd like to share with you an idea I had. Because some games were late I was going to have their penalty be that my vote would simply be in the order in which the games were released. I know that puts Master K and My game up top but if you'll read how one's own games are handled, you'll see that makes no difference anyways. That said, don't think anyone wants to see a game win or lose because of tardiness. No games will receive a late penalty.

So let's start off with Dreadful Occupant.

First, I had a lot of fun making this game with Master K. I've tried many colab projects in the past but I've never actually had so much go right before. Master K's work and ideas really helped me out, and helped the game become the great game it is.
After reading some of the comments about the game, I see now that my music and sound choices were terrible. I take full credit for that. I just sort of searched for some sound effects and music and crammed them in. More time should have been spent on that.
Next, the notion of having more scary things happen gets brought up a lot. I agree with this. With only a week to work, I didn't really think we should try to add too much to the game. The original idea was just to have 1 ghost lady, and so we stuck with that idea.
The other reason we didn't do more, is that we really thought we had this contest locked down tight. Never did I think we'd get such great games in this contest. I'm really glad I held this thing.

Now on to the real voting.

The Death of Von Stabbingmore

This game was charming from beginning to end. But I've often thought that battle puzzles were really clunky and that casual players wouldn't understand or like them. So, I had my girlfriend play this game while I watched. At first she was a bit frustrated, but then she figured out the first trick and was delighted to progress in the story. Truly good games are enjoyed by anyone and everyone. I think this is one of those games.

Alice Falls Asleep

The humor in this game almost put it ahead of Von Stabbingmore, but it's overly simplistic gameplay and brutal difficulty curve held it back. This game made me giggle quite a few times. And as I did with Von Stabbingmore, I asked my girlfriend to play with me. This basically turned into both of us taking turns either jumping or reading the above quotes (which go by a bit too fast in my opinion). In this way we had a fun experience with the game.

Ortega Colonies

My girlfriend didn't like this game much. that only didn't doom it to the last spot. I believe this game was both too complex and too hard. In my play-throughs, I'd find myself running from the fire to the trees to the water and back to the fire again, because by that time I was already getting too cold. I think a little more till you start to starve or freeze would have helped this game a lot. I did enjoy this game though, and in any other contest this game could have been first.

So to summarize, my votes are:

1. Dreadful Occupant
2. The Death of Von Stabbingmore
3. Alice Falls Asleep
4. Ortega Colonies
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 PostTue Mar 13, 2012 6:11 pm
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1. Dreadful Occupant
2. Alice Falls Asleep
3. The Death of Von Stabbingmore
5. Ortega Colonies
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 PostTue Mar 13, 2012 7:20 pm
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1. Sir Stabbalot Gets Stabbed
2. Ortega Colonies
3. Dreadful Occupant
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 PostThu Mar 15, 2012 6:19 am
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mjohnson092088 wrote:
but on the plus side, we will continue the project sans contest. it was a pretty cool and unique concept, and if i can get my ideas to work, this should make for a very interesting OHR game.

Ah, great to hear. Hope to see it.


I agree with everyone else; these games are hard to rank.

1. The Death of Duke von Stabbingmore

Stuck in my head: Bobo bobo... huh-huh-huh!

2. Alice Falls Asleep

I hate to admit how much time I spent on this. Maybe I should have spent more: I came within a couple points of beating it. Putting this here because of its addictiveness.

3. Dreadful Occupant

I'm quite surprised that this didn't have a proper intro; instead the intro was put in the game description on SS. The ending was also a problem: I never found that unmarked tile where you climb down off the roof, and Shiz accidentally skipped the entire ending sequence afterwards with a misplaced keypress without knowing it. I'm only complaining about this because no one else has; not picking on this game especially.


I finally went and added a description and some screenshots to Ortega so noone else expects an RPG and gets confused; should have done that immediately.

James, those two bugs terrify me because they are both definitely impossible.

Slowly working on a new version..
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 PostWed Mar 28, 2012 12:44 am
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Voting is reaching it's close for this contest. It seems as though voting ended a while ago, though I'm a bit surprised by that because of the lack of votes. Not even all of the contestants have placed a vote yet which mildly affects their game's performance. If you haven't voted yet VOTE NOW!

In any case, this contest was awesome and I'm glad to have held it, thank you all for making it possible. The results will be posted in the next HamsterSpeak.
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 PostWed Mar 28, 2012 12:56 am
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My votes come at the end. In no particular order:

Alice Falls Asleep

It was a fun distraction, and I think it could be a good app for iphone etc. The way the game is timed with the music was well done, with the music itself lending a hypnotic and relaxing nature to the game. The graphics were satisfactory, and the dialogue amusing but repetitive. I noticed it is possible to get quite far in this game without actually pushing any buttons, however.

The Death of Von Stabbingmore

The graphics are good, are the crops and the carriage ripped? Stabbingmore himself is a great melodrama-style villain - I could imagine Vincent Price in this role. The dialogue (and accompanying sound effects) suit the whimsical nature of the game, and I chuckled a few times. I feel the game could benefit from a good musical score during the village sequences and the battles. I enjoyed the puzzle based battles and the use of enemy spawning was novel. Overall, a nifty little game.

Dreadful Occupant

I found this game surprisingly atmospheric and got a hell of a fright the 2nd (!) time the ghost caught me. The minimalist graphics work surprisingly well, and the sound effects are good (except for the music on the game over screen). I would have liked more sound effects such as creaky doors, and audio cues when the temperature lowers. The hiding mechanic worked well, and reminded me of a sequence in Cult, but boy is it unforgiving! I also found the ending Mass Effect 3-ish. One last thing, I think that with a bit more attention to detail this will be a fantastic horror game. Adding things like perhaps diary entries explaining a little backstory and context would go a long way to setting an even creepier atmosphere.

Ortega Colonies

Needs a title screen Angel . An enjoyable, sometimes frustrating, roguelike/survival game. The graphics are nice, and remind me of the old "Quest" style games. The lighting effects are very nice, as is the way the enemies "sight" you (TMC can you please show me how to do this?!?). I like the way backstory is revealed through diary entries. The survival aspect of the game had me constantly backtracking and I felt it may have been a little harsh, but overall a solid and enjoyable game.


All these games were exceptional and I feel the real winner on the day is the OHR community itself! However, vote I must and therefore:

1. Dreadful Occupant
2. The Death of von Stabbingmore
3. Ortega Colonies
4. Alice Falls Asleep
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