Review: First Fantasy

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Review: First Fantasy

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I'm instantly amazed at the production quality of this game. The graphics and scripted effects are all really well done. I really liked the intro. The music for this game is also really good. I don't have anything bad to say about this game really. It's only real flaw is how short it is.

I really like how the game has cave age plips. I'd love to see other prehistoric OHR cameos. This game really seems like it could be great, f it were more developed. Please continue making this game.

If there was 1 thing I didn't like about the game it was the side view of the walk abouts. It's just the down view but with the character's eyes facing a different way. That just seems lazy and it's lack of production value doesn't match with the rest of the game.

I'd recommend playing this game if it ever gets updated, for now it's basically a tease though.

SCORE: 4/5
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