Review: Final Dragon Legacy

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Review: Final Dragon Legacy

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This game is great. It is definitely one of the best OHR games ever made and almost has a real shot at being game of the year I'd think. There are just a couple things that really hold this game back though.

The graphics are old school stylish and look great. They really feel like top notch graphics from an old nintendo game. The music is pretty good, and I like how the developer used music from the OHR community.

The flaws start right at the beginning of the game, where you're thrown into a dungeon and have to go and slay a beast. I personally died to said beast like 5 times and only continued playing for the sake of this review. I'd say the worst design choice this game makes is not pausing on battle menus. The enemy's speed is way too cracked up to be searching through magic menus for the right spell.

The other minor flaw I found with the game is that it's too much of an homage to older games. I don't really see where anything new was done that would really set this game apart. I think someone said in another review, "Why would I play this over the actual dragon warrior" This really just a nitpick though. I did expect more of a comedic game with a title like this though.
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