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Review: Escape the Wolf: OHR 
 PostWed Feb 29, 2012 4:03 am
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This is a review of Escape the Wolf: OHR.

It's truly remarkable what James has done here. There's a large amount of polish on this game for a 48hr contest entry. Heck, there's a lot of polish here for an OHR game period. Containing multiple endings with cartoon style animations, and different difficulty settings, one can really see a lot of work and thought put into this game.

The graphics not only please the eye but have a certain style to them that carries through out the game. These are same really goods graphics. The music, and sounds effects in this game are great as well. All the sounds of this game are straight from the James man's mouth. Which could have been terrible, but turned out great and humorous. But there's more to the music of this game. The music changes according to what's happening in the game. This really creates a mood that couldn't be captured otherwise.

The game itself is fun, though it's over rather quickly. The biggest flaw of this game is it's super short gameplay time. After about 10 minutes of playing this game you're done and have seen all the game has to offer. Though, it's fun enough to play again, you'll quickly get bored of the same old scenery.

I think everyone should play this game. It's fun and doesn't require a lot of time to play.

Score: 4/5
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