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Review: Dungeon Quest 
 PostMon Feb 27, 2012 1:11 am
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Dungeon quest0000.PNG
This is a review of Dungeon Quest.

The download page for this game is pretty lacking, and starts me off with a bad feeling toward the game I'm about to play. The total lack of a title screen only increases my feeling that Dungeon Quest is about to suck. However, once the game starts up, my opinion turns around really quick.

The graphical style of this game catches my eye right away. Instead of filling the sprite box with the hero's graphics, the developer has decided to make his character a small 6x6 sized graphic. The dungeon he's in looks very slick and works with his less then full size very well. The gameplay starts off as just a maze. I'm still enjoying it but it's pretty basic. Then the game opens up int he next level and introduces rpg battles. There's a lto of potential in this game I think.

However, the game basically ends there. There's only 2 short levels. On top of that, the monster npcs don't go away once you beat them, so you're basically forced to fight the same monster a bunch of times in order to get past them. So even though this game did catch my eye for a moment, the shortness, and bugs crushed any potential fun there was to be had.

I'd recommend playing this game if it's every updated, but until then don't bother.

Score: 2/5
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