Review: Doom: Evil Unleashed

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Review: Doom: Evil Unleashed

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To start off, the download page for this game on Slimesalad is lacking. There are no pictures for the game which just screams under development , and then I wasn't sure which of the three files I was suppose to download. So I ended up downloading all 3 of these 20+mb files to see what they all contained. I assume the right file to download is the middle one, but the words "This is the latest version of EU..." really had me thinking it was the first one, as did the fact that it's the first file there.

Anyways, starting up the game reveals a nice looking title screen, which is followed by a decent game intro. My biggest problem at this point of the game is the volume of the text clicks. They're way louder than the music, and fairly annoying to boot. Getting past that, the game is actually pretty solid. You run around a maze like base, and fight random monster battles while trying to find key panels to unlock your way. These bases could have used a bit more of a puzzle element in my opinion, but it wasn't terrible or anything.

Some of my cons for this game include the tilemaps, and the incomplete or non functioning parts. There are just a couple things here and there that don't seem to really function the way they seem they're suppose to. A couple tiles that were once wall tiles end up being floor tiles and vise versa. Also the battle tricks the developer tries to pull off don't always function the way they were planned to. (dead enemy bodies at the top left of the screen, pre-exploding barrels)

All in all this is a decent game. It's not the best game you'll play, and the fact that it's a fan game, meaning most of the plot and graphics were done for the developer already, really sets a higher standard for this game then if it was just an original work. I think this game was a lot of potential and it shows a lot of hard work, but I think it was a way to go still.

I'd recommend waiting for the final release of this game before playing it.

Score: 3/5
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