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Review: Doodle Quest 
 PostSun Feb 26, 2012 9:18 pm
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Doodle quest (demo)0001.PNG
This is a review of doodle quest.

First thing first, this is what we like to call a newbie game. I remember when I start started posting around these forums there would be a line of people queued up to rip into a game like this, but these days we tend not to make fun of the newer people as much.

Anyways, this game is basically terrible in every way. If I could rate this less than a 1 I would. The graphics look worse then the thrown together graphics of a 1 hour contest. The town lay out and the build inside layout are basically blank. In fact so very much of this game is blank. White is the most used color in this game by far. Everything seems very default and no realy work seems to have been put into this thing. My only thought is that this might have been done by a mentally handicapped monkey or something, at which point I'd understand, slighty.

This game really doesn't have anything redeeming about it. It's basically something anyone off the street could cook up in an hour or 2. In fact I'd wager that a random person off the street who had never developed a game before or had even thought about doing so could make a better game in an hour then the developer of this game did here.

Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, for any reason.

Score: 0/5
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