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Review: Cardians Of Lore 
 PostWed Feb 22, 2012 2:11 pm
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I'm inside a town right now.
This is a review of Cardians Of Lore.

Opening this game treated me to a nice looking title screen and an interesting tune. The character's heads in the title screen picture seems a bit too round, but the scene is still pretty nice. The description of this game tells me that the song that's playing, as well as all the rest of the songs that will be in this game, is made by people from the OHR community. I'm not sure who wrote the title screen song, but it's pretty good.

The game then begins in a very pokemon like way. It welcomes you to the game and then asks if you're a boy or a girl and what you name is. Then it plops you down in a room very much like the starting room of pokemon red/blue. The game even copies the color stylings of the earlier gameboy that the first pokemon would have been played on. I begun the game expecting a very pokemon like experience.

After a few minutes, I'm directionless and bored. The beginning town is big and I have no clue where I am suppose to go. I almost end my game right here, but I do end up finding where I'm suppose to go, and I set off on my adventure... to get an old lady some groceries. I'm mauled by squirrels pretty quickly though, and my adventure is over. My second time through, I fair much better. Avoiding the "trainers" and running from the tougher looking fights gets me to the worst part of this game.

The forest maze is this game is kind of neat. I'm not completely against the idea behind it, but having it be the path to next town is a bit dumb. I wonder if half the people that played this game got past that part.

Anyways, I trudge on through the world map in search of the next town. Then BLAM invisible wall maze. In my opinion this game just went from bad to terrible.

I arrive in the next town to find that it's even bigger and more spread out then the last one. What possible meaning could there be for this much empty space? One can only hope that some of these things are fixed in the updates.

Overall, there's not much here. The music and title screen lied about the quality of this game. The battle system involving cards seems pointless when the character's punch does almost as much damage and the time it takes to select the cards matters. So there needs to be some balancing done. Other then that everything is terrible. The old gameboy color style is lost on me and only serves to make the game seem worse. The annoying thrown together puzzles are the bulk of the game. The towns so spread out that I actually found a completely blank screen inside a town. This game is bad, demo or not. I don't think it's development should continue.

I wouldn't recommend this game.

Score: 2/5
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