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Review: Monster Lot

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Hate and feared like the monsters selling cars it depicts, Monster Lot was a group effort made for the OHR Film contest. The moment it was released it was met with mixed feelings. These feelings were caused by a number of things, some of which may have had to do with the creators themselves, and the fact that they entered it into their own contest.

The film follows the story of a car lot run by monsters. Almost all the different types of typical monsters are represented, (ghosts and the like). Some of the characters seem to just be animal people though, which confused me a bit. This sort of thing reminded me a lot of a saturday morning cartoon. One of the not so great ones that they put on right before the cartoon that you'd actually want to watch.

The voice acting and graphics in this movie were really top notch. Also the massive length of this thing was impressive. I think that this movie really missed it's target audience. The OHR is mostly made up of 20 somethings and this movie seems like it would be liked by children or "tweens". I think that if the voting was done by a different age group this movie would have ended up winning the contest it was made for.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone who likes kid's cartoons.

Score: 3/5
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