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Review: Labyrinth 
 PostThu Feb 02, 2012 2:04 am
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This is a review of Labyrinth.

So... Labyrinth! What one should know, when beginning this game, is that it is in no way related to the famous story of the same name. (There are no muppets to be found here. ..that I know of.)

At the beginning of this game, I found myself dieing, a lot. I wasn't sure why until I noticed this was a grinding game. If you're into grinding games, then you'll like this one. If not, you might want to stay away from this title. You'll need to gain a couple levels right at the start of this bad boy. It's quick increase in battle difficulty and massive need to grind reminds me of some other OHR titles.

This game's graphics are very good while at the same time being fairly bad. The monsters and the characters are done pretty well. The backgrounds and the maptiles however, are terrible. I know this game is going for a retro feel, but I just this a bit more detail in the bg's or tilemaps would go a long way.

I wouldn't recommend this game, but I suppose it's not really a bad game. I'm not really a fan of this type of game, so maybe you'll find it better then I did. Afterall, I didn't like Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth either.


Watch the video here:
I was having trouble embedding so I decided to just link to the video.
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