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Fat Frog: The Movie 
 PostThu Jan 19, 2012 7:59 pm
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This is a review of Fat Frog: The Movie (Part 1).

God, I realize I'm probably sounding like such a jerk bashing all these movie entries in, but I really can't help it--I just don't think this contest produced much of value. Fat Frog the Movie won the contest, and I know why it did, but I don't think that means it's a very good MOVIE. Yeah, it does some neat graphical tricks in the OHR, which I respect well enough, but it's honestly not very entertaining--the story is pretty much a Saturday morning cartoon plot that serves as a vehicle for the visuals. It's the kind of thing you'd string together just for fun, not enter in to a contest.

The reason this entry won, let's be honest, is that it was the least controversial entry in the contest. Think about it. We had: my games, 4 hopeless troll entries; Spoonweaver's games, which were amusing but advertised obnoxiously; Giz's game, a joke nobody but fans of his would get; Triangle, which might or might not have been telling one of the contest runners to go kill himself; Monster Lot, which was panned from the get-go; and finally, Fat Frog: The Movie, which was just kind of an "okay" story with some elaborate action scenes. The voters were so split on everything else that this just had the best chance.

Watching it again, I'm just bored here. Yeah, it helps for a film to have lots of movement, which this entry does the best, but I don't feel like the story is saying or doing anything. If FNRFFSIUHIEW had been doing the graphics and written a more meaningful script or worked with someone focusing purely on that, maybe then I could see it. Instead, it's just 15 minutes of nothing of significance going on or being said. That's why, even though it's rough around the edges and offensive, I have to say Triangle was the better "film." And I'll stand by that.

Rating: 3.5 Frogs on Paula Dean Kicks out of 10
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