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2011 In Review 11: doodle quest 
 PostThu Jan 12, 2012 6:16 am
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Doodle quest (demo)0005.png
This is a review of doodle quest.

Valentine's Day must've been particularly hot in OHR Land as the last 3 weeks of February came and went without a single release. Then March roared in and "Doodle Quest" with it. Afterwards, those quiet few weeks didn't seem so bad.

andy593646's "Doodle Quest" features Andy, a stick figure from Doodleton. We join Andy in the woods south of his hometown for no obvious reasons and follow him as he demonstrates textboxes, doors, inns and an agonizingly slow battle that will have you weeping in the aisles. Eventually your ol' pal Squiggle joins the party, which should satisfy anyone unhappy with playing a stick figure. The maptiles are predominantly white, presumably to simulate a sheet of paper and there's also some houses and trees. As you can tell, there isn't a whole lot to judge here. I will give some credit however, as Doodleton has the absolute worst theme song ever. It's like the entire town is built on the world's biggest cellphone and you can NEVER answer it.

If Nickismo's "Dungeon Quest" represented the mistake of a first game released too quickly, "Doodle Quest" represents the mistake of a first game released at all. The eye blistering white background, abundance of typos and total lack of content make you wonder what kind of reaction andy593646 expected. He clearly wasn't confident, admitting in the game description that the game had "awful graphics" and "needed work".

Following the release of "Doodle Quest" andy593646 wrote a few very short reviews and voiced his intention to make a fourth installment of Shigesato Itoi's "Mother" series, though this didn't come to pass. By the end of March it seemed he had followed so many of 2011's rookie class back into the ether from whence they came. Then in November he came back, responding to a scathing review Meatballsub had posted months earlier. He confessed again that "Doodle Quest" was crap, but at least closed 2011 with the hope of redemption in 2012.

Score: 1/10

2011 Score (Per March 1st): 71/100... it was a great Valentine's Day!

Part of Gomey's 2011 Year In Review
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