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The Labyrinth 
 PostThu Jan 12, 2012 2:51 am
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This is a review of The Labyrinth.

Master K's The Labyrinth is a most roguelike of roguelikes. The roguelike elements of this game, sadly, are often clunky and hurt by the roguelike nature of touch NPCs in the OHR's code. You can often get killed, most roguelike, by an enemy despite being separated by a totally reasonable distance, adding a roguelike displeasure to the experience.

But the game's biggest gaping flaw is one that stands most roguelike to the touch NPCs. Simply enough, the tedium involved in playing this game will drive one's mind to roguelike thoughts. Gigantic maps designed by a roguelike sadist and a slow walking speed that does not help to compensate the distance will grind your gears throughout the entirety of The Labyrinth.

In short, The Labyrinth will do nothing to sell the roguelike genre to an uninitiated person. The game has some potential; some of the puzzles are cute, but it is roguelike at best. I think it would behoove Master K to look past this project and continue making new games, perhaps with more finely tuned roguelike mechanics.

Rating: 2.5 Rogues out of Like, 10
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